Friday, December 27, 2013

iPhone/Android VPN to PPTP VPN Server on TomatoUSB Router

iPhone/Android Phone Home - PPTP VPN Server for iPhone or Android on TomatoUSB Router

This is a quick tutorial on how to setup a PPTP VPN Server on your TomatoUSB Router. A PPTP VPN is ideal because it's fairly secure, simple to setup and both Android and iOS has built in PPTP VPN Clients which makes it convenient.

A VPN is a secure way for an iPhone or Android device to access local network resources such as internal web sites (SSL not required for secure access), samba shares, and SqueezeBox Server without the need to open up additional network ports on the router.

If you're looking for a router for this project, check out my [Tutorial] Apple AirPlay on TomatoUSB Router.


1) You're running Shibby's BIG-VPN build of TomatoUSB
2) Dynamic DNS is setup (Required for Client Setup). See my
[Tutorial - 30 Minutes or Less] Site to Site VPN with TomatoUSB and OpenVPN post for instructions on setting up Dynamic DNS Address.


1) Configure PPTP Server
2) Configure iPhone (iOS 7) VPN Client and Connect
3) Configure Android VPN Client and Connect - In Progress

Configure PPTP Server

Log into your TomatoUSB Router and go to VPN Tunneling->PPTP Server.

On the PPTP Server Configuration Page:

- Check Enable
- For Remote IP Address Range, pick a small IP Address range that is outside the scope of your DHCP Server but on the same network segment. For instance, I'm using 192.168.200.X as my network segment. My DHCP Server IP Adddress Range is So I used (outside the DHCP Range), giving me two IP Addresses (for two incoming iPhone).
- Set Broadcast Relay Mode to Both
- Set Encryption to MPPE-128
- Leave DNS Servers, WINS Servers, MTU and MRU at the default values.
- Under PPTP User List, add a user and set a password. You will need this info during the next step, Configure iPhone VPN Client.
- Save

Configure iPhone VPN Client and Connect

On your iPhone, go to Settings->General->VPN->Add VPN Configuration.
Select PPTP
Fill in the Description
For Server use your Dynamic DNS Address
Account name ("pptpuser" in this tutorial) and password.
Leave everything else as default.

Settings->General->VPN->Add VPN Configuration

Turn on VPN by going to Settings and sliding on "VPN". Note the "VPN" icon next to the clock when connected to VPN.

Turn iPhone VPN on by going to Settings and sliding on VPN

Configure Android VPN Client and Connect

Go to "Wireless and network" settings -> VPN settings.
Select "Add PPTP VPN"
Set VPN server name
Enable Encryption


  1. Great tutorial!! I hope iPhone and Android users are finding this tutorial helpful to setup VPN on TomatoUSB Router. I'm using Windows Phone 8.1, please let me know a tutorial of setting up such VPN on Windows. Thanks.

  2. Very handy tutorial and I'm glad to find it just in perfect time!! I'm in the process to setup a similar type of VPN programs and through studying this post carefully I've learned valuable tips to setup such protocol easily. Thanks.

  3. My iphone is saying: "The PPTP-VPN server did not repond. Try reconnecting. ..." Do I need to open ports on the router in order for PPTP VPN to work?

    1. No you should not have to manually open up any ports. Are you using Shibby's BIG VPN build and properly setup and confirmed that DDNS is working?

      Let me know if you figured out your issue.

  4. my tomato is behind another router (two router setup)
    it is not working
    I disabled the ADSL router firewall
    I can ping the Ip address from the internet that the tomato clients are accessing the internet
    but I get The PPTP-VPN server did not repond. Try reconnecting. ..."

    1. That is not going to work. This tutorial assumes your Tomato router is your primary router and connected directly to the internet and not sitting behind another router. Not saying it's not possible, just not something I can help with.

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