Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY Portable AirPlay Speaker System

DIY Portable AirPlay Speaker System:

This is something I've been working off/on for over a year now. Originally inspired by the Boominator. However, I lack the carpentry skills and tools, so I decided to build this instead. I believe it's fairly unique in that it's totally portable (battery operated) and supports AirPlay.

Another photo of the back with captions on Amazon

YouTube Video:

  • AirPlay support provided by AirEnabler - broadcast it's own Wi-Fi network and allows iOS device to automatically maintain 3G/LTE connection for internet radio streaming from Pandora or iTunes Radio.
  • Battery operated; 6-8 hours on low-medium volume.
  • Runs off battery or AC wall charger and support charging while playing
  • Expandable to stereo (add 2nd speaker)
  • Switch out li-ion battery for 12v motorcycle battery for extended play (camping).


  1. Great work. I'm not that handy though, so I think I'll just be sticking to the ol' phone + headphones when it comes to my portable music needs ;)

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